Connecting Learning work with leaders in schools and academies to:

  • Be clear about emerging technologies and their impact on learning
  • Maximise the potential of technologies for learners
  • Feel confident about the use and deployment of technology in school
  • Ensure that technology delivers efficiency and supports management decisions
  • Make sure best value is gained from ICT investment and running costs
  • Safely revisit their approach to technology, learn from others and make sure it is fit for purpose

1. Technology Review and Action Plan Services

Review Phase

With a focused eye on the school vision and aims Connecting Learning will firstly help the school analyse where it stands on technology use via an audit and review of infrastructure and classroom usage. Working with academy leadership teams to develop a comprehensive action plan for technology,using findings and recommendations from the Review.

  • A full report on technology usage for the purposes of teaching and learning, communication and business management, leadership and governance
  • A comprehensive infrastructure and technology report with specific advice on gaps in provision and concerns around technology implementation

Action Planning Stage

A comprehensive Action Plan for technology implementation, which will inform the school's own Improvement plan and lastly stage three can assist the senior management in its realisation through professional development, training and safe procurement.

  • A comprehensive Action Plan for technology implementation, which will inform the school's own Improvement plan
  • Infrastructure and technology recommendations itemised with sufficient detail to enable informed purchase by the school

To find out more about this service download our Technology Review and Action Plan Services brochure and contact us for more information.

2. The EXite Leadership Programme

Connecting Learning deliver the highly successful EXite Leadership Programme for groups of schools and academies in partnership with IET Associates.

EXite is the strategic leadership of ICT programme for schools and Academies. Designed to help leaders develop strategies and approaches for technology in their institution, EXite enjoys the backing of ASCL, NAHT, SSAT and IAA

"Very informative and inspiring!"..."Well organised, presented and inspirational!"..."Well planned, informative... great to hear from 'real people'" Quotes from the autumn 2013 EXite programme.

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