When technology is successfully adopted by schools, staff, students and the wider community many interrelated aspects need to be considered. These include the technology infrastructure, hardware and software, the physical environment and the staff and learners that occupy it.

This short piece aims to support this presentation and is a collection of thoughts on how schools can go some way to ensure that technology enhances teaching and learning whilst achieving value for money.

It aims to provide illustrations of what schools have found works well as well as points for consideration and links to further examples or resources.

10 Thoughts on Designing Technology for Learning:

1. Understand the Vision

2. Involve Stakeholders

3. Plan for Behind the Scenes

4. Create More Space

5. Think Special

6. Encourage Movement

7. Go Large

8. Be Research Led

9. Show it Off

10. An Eye on Innovation

Download the 10 Thoughts or view a summary here.