This year Connecting Learning have been invited to attend the Global Education Futures (GEF) -a international collaborative platform that brings pioneers of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for the thrivable future.

The Global conversation will be supported by 3 GEF Forums at the hearts of learning communities around the globe in 2015. The first, the California forum, will explore main changes in education driven by technological innovations, major social & economic transformations, and personal & collective demands for education that meets 21st century needs. Education of the future is the learner-centered, community-based, life-long, 24/7, open & flexible process integrated into our daily routines and enhanced by diverse technologies.

Keynotes and panel discussions with education innovators and thought leaders will set the stage for the Rapid Foresight session that will focus on four big themes:

  • How to create global online learning platforms that serve better world's education?
  • How will new models of knowledge creation be organised?
  • How will viable mass-scale models of personalised education be built?
  • How to increase the resilience of our cities and communities through collaborative learning?

The participants of GEF-California will co-design a Future Learning Challenge — the first global open-source contest of education startups and innovation that encourages solutions 'from the future'.

Join in the conversation and visit the Global Education Futures website at