Drawing on the latest research and best practice from high-performing schools around the world, specifically in relation to leadership, ICT and learning spaces, the Connecting Learning team work in partnership with their school clients to improve learning.

"We have been exposed to different things - new technologies and new ways of thinking. I believe that we now should re-think our policies; we're inspired and are really in need of something new." Mr Shibli, Headteacher

Proposing Free Schools

Working with open free schools and academy Trusts in all aspects of developing and submitting Free School applications including:

  • Advising on Free School Process
  • Evidence of Need
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Vision and Educational Plan
  • Finances
  • Application Writing
  • Advising on Design and ICT (see below)
Learning Technologies

Working with schools and academies to:

  • Explore about emerging technologies and their impact on learning
  • Maximise the potential of technologies for learners
  • Build confidence about the use and deployment of technology in school
  • Ensure that technology delivers efficiency and supports management decisions
  • Ensure best value is gained from ICT investment and running costs
  • Revisit their approach to technology, learn from others and make sure it is fit for purpose
  • Develop branding and marketing
Learning Spaces

Working with schools and academies to:

  • Review their current learning spaces and plan for more engaging spaces for learning
  • Plan and organise visits to inspiring schools to see how they utilise their learning spaces
  • Work with staff and learners in the design workshops to inform design briefs for new learning spaces
  • Complete design and ICT briefs that are personalised and maximise impact of spend on learning
  • Design and deliver new learning spaces
  • Ensure best value is gained from planned learning spaces
  • Review the impact of spaces in relation to learning gains
Leadership and Change Management

Working with schools and academies to:

  • Support leadership teams on reviewing and planning for change
  • Work with heads of department and senior leaders to implement and monitor change
  • Develop student leadership to enable them to contribute to policy and practice

Working with Academy Trusts to:

  • Prepare Free School, UTC and Studio School bids for Department for Education (all aspects from vision, evidence and demand, finances, HR, Design and ICT)