"The keynotes and seminars (delivered by Connecting Learning) were very well received and many of the delegates commented that it really "spoke to them' and addressed many of their concerns about the adoption of digital technologies in their schools- some of the comments from our feedback form included: 'Brilliant!', 'Inspiring', 'Important' and 'A Wealth of experience and sense'. Thank you once again for giving us your time and sharing your expertise with our educators. It was truly a pleasure to have you at our seminar". Daniel Tysman, Head of Education, World ORT
"School leaders are looking to lead and manage technology well and will value the credibility of the two organisations [Connecting Learning and IET Associates]". Russell Hobby, NAHT General Secretary
"Hannah (Director - Connecting Learning) has always been an excellent ambassador in what ever she has done .She is able to collaborate with a range of stakeholders and listen to their needs. She is excellent at getting the best from people. An area of strength is her communication skills whether verbal or inter-personal. She sets very clear expectations and therefore people know what is required of them. Her planning skills are always well- tuned to the organisation and as such expectations are exceeded. Hannah has the ability to listen to everyone on all levels and to bring people together for a common goal. She is able to make decisions which are clearly communicated and this can result in new ideas coming to the fore. Hannah has always set high standards for herself and those she works with and as a result the outcomes have always been successful." Jacqueline Valin, Executive Headteacher, Southfields Community Academy, Wandworth
"Hannah provided dynamic leadership of the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) team at the National College. She led a high performing team in developing an outstanding professional development programme for school leadership teams and then overseeing its delivery, ensuring strong quality control across a range of providers. She has an excellent understanding of the challenges of change management in schools and how to tackle these successfully. I was impressed with her grasp of the strategic ICT issues in the BSF programme and her ability to develop training and guidance materials that supported schools in addressing these." Steve Moss, Strategic Director - ICT, Partnerships for Schools
"Hannah (Director – Connecting Learning) is an education professional who is fully committed to delivering excellence in all that she does. Hannah always goes the extra mile to make sure that customers and clients are fully satisfied with the service that she is responsible for delivering. Hannah looks for innovative solutions and has an excellent network to support the Connecting Learning programmes." Ken Gill, Strategic Director National College